A Winning Tradition

The Harrell Family has been producing winners since 1998. We started our farm success while Ryan was in 4-H. We started our sow herd with a Ralph Bowling Yorkshire Gilt out of Celtic. Liz won several open shows and was second in class at the Indiana State Fair. She later produced Lois, the sow that produced the most champions for our farm. We started producing our own winners for local 4-H participants and have sold pigs within the Midwest for over 20 years. We have worked hard to establish a solid sound sow herd and that generates consistent winners with sound structured hogs. The sow pedigree is the secret to making successful show pigs. The Harrell Family has been utilizing the top sires within the Yorkshire, Hampshire and Commercial breeds for several years. Our goal is to expand our success to other states and shows. We work hard at making the pig, your job is to fit and feed it to success.