About Us


The Harrell Family Farm is a family owned operation that is dedicated to the needs of 4-H participants, breeders and the showpig industry. Our sow herd is made up of an elite set of Yorkshire and Commercial females from the best genetics in the country.

Our farm farrows twice a year, utilizing the best quality livestock with the highest health available. We are dedicated to providing sound structured, thick, eye appealing, balanced and powerfully designed hogs that are competitive throughout the country.

Our show pigs are sold right off of the feeder. Our ration is a balanced nursery diet high in protein with no additional enhancements being fed. Paylean is not intended to be fed to growing pigs and we would never feed additives to make a quick sale. Customer satisfaction is our goal and that doesn’t come when we sell the pig, it comes when you have a successful show season.

Harrell Family Farm:

  • Years of Experience
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • An Honest and Trusted Operation
  • Producing Sound Structured Hogs

Dan and Pam Harrell have been married for 40 years and have been producing 4-H showpigs and breeding stock for over 20 years. For the past 20 years, Dan and Pam have been teaching and working with youth locally through a variety of organizations. The Harrell family is dedicated to making a difference with youth through the 4-H program.

Dan and Pam are the proud parents of Arron and Ryan Harrell as well as the proud grandparents of Madison and Kennedy Harrell.

The Harrell family has been active in the swine industry since 1989 and has won numerous champions and awards. In 1994, the Harrell Family was honored by having the Grand Champion Gilt at the Indiana State Fair and the Reserve Champion Heavy Weight Crossbred Barrow at the Indiana State Fair Open Show. Ryan was the Reserve Senior Showman at the first (NJSS) National Junior Summer Spectacular in 1998.

Ryan Harrell attended Purdue University and received a bachelor degree in Animal Science in 2000. While at Purdue, Ryan was active on the livestock judging team and received several top 10 honors in collegiate judging. In 1998, Ryan was the High Individual in Livestock Carcass Estimations and Evaluation at the All East Contest. Ryan is the owner of the website The Judging Connection.com (www.thejudgingconnection.com). Currently, Ryan judge’s livestock shows all over the United States and Canada.

While in college, Ryan worked for Dave and Lynette Walter (D&L Swine) collecting boars in their boar stud. After graduation Ryan went to work for JBS United Feeds and assisted with the first Paylean research trials with Elanco Animal Health. In 2003, Ryan went back to school at Indiana University and received a degree in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

In 2008, Ryan and Dr. Rusk created a new method of swine identification by imaging ear vein patterns. Dr. Rusk and Ryan designed and implemented the first research trials on this identification methodology.

In 2009, Ryan was selected as the SET 4-H organization representative.

The Harrell Family is dedicated to providing SOUND STRUCTURED hogs from the industries leading genetics. We appreciate your time in reviewing our website and hope we can assist you with your next showpig or breeding stock purchase.