Anna Belle

(Take Notice x About Time)
Yorkshire Female
Bred By: Harrell Family Farm

Stress: Negative

Due 1-6-18 to Jail Tats

Laverne is the dam of the 4 litter and we have retained 5 gilts withing this litter and bought Take Notice just to keep mating Laverne and Shirley this way.  

Anna Belle is one of the heavier muscled gilts within the litter.  At the same time, she is still correct in her structure and offers us some eye appeal.  We strive to keep the yorks on our farm square and sound.  Even if we use less popular sires, our goal is to make them how I like to judge hogs.  The future for these females within this litter should be productive and bright as we continue to expand our Yorkshire herd.  

Within her pedigree is some of the top Yorkshires in the county.  Which includes: Moonshine, Mighty Mack 74-1, About Time, Ice Age, Mammoth, Spud (a few times), Take Notice, Net Worth, Crazy Bone, Razzle, Bullet Proof, One Up, and Mighty Mack.   

Take Notice


Bred By: Olsen Yorkshire
Housed At:  Harrell Family Farm. 

Take Notice was the 2013 Fall Classic Champion Yorkshire Boar that sold for $55,000.


We purchased Take Notice in the Crossroads retired boar sale. We have been keeping this boars females a secret within our herd. I personally feel Take Notice has created some of the best Yorkshires in the country within our herd.  Take Notice has been doing a great job on our herd.   He will make them sound and monster thick.  

Take notice was the $55,000 fall classic champion York boar from 2013. He has earned Premiere Sire Awards at both the Winter Type Conference and Indiana State Fair as well as Reserve Premiere Sire at the Southwest Type Conference. He sired the Grand Overall Barrow at the ’15 SE Regional, Res York Barrow at the ’15 NJSS, and Champion Yorkshire Barrow at the American Royal, 3rd Overall York Barrow at the WPX and Res Div 2 York Gilt at SE Regional to name a few.  Take Notice sired the 2015 Champion York Boar at the SWTC called Notice Me and Double Take previously at Crossroads.   

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About Time

Bred By: Rodney & Alyssa Spinler, NY
Housed At: Real McCoy Genetics

About Time is an impressive mature boar that previously was housed at Showtime Sires and now at Real McCoy. About Time has a unique pedigree being an outcross to most Cobbs and Watsons lines. About Time sired the $18,000 Champion York Boar at the 2014 STC (Beat Em All), the Reserve Div. 2 York Gilt at the 2014 NJSS, the 5th Overall York Barrow at the 2014 NJSS, the Reserve Champion York Gilt at the 2014 Ohio State Fair Junior Show, the Reserve Champion York Gilt at the 2014 Ohio State Fair Open Show, the Champion York Gilt at the 2013 Wisconsin State Fair. He has also produced three boars for Showtime Sires: About Time 63-1, Breaking Amish and Drive Time.

The sire of About Time is Ice Age, previously housed at Moyers and now housed at Ottenwalters. Ice Age’s pedigree was Mammoth x Full Dimenson. Ice Age sired: the 2012 Reserve 4-H Market Hog at the California State Fair, the 2012 Supreme Grand Champion at the Redwood Acres Fair, CA, the 2012 Grand Champion – Porterville Fair, CA, the 2012 Grand Champion at the Chico Silver Dollar Fair, the 2012 Champion York & 3rd Overall at the Klebery-Kennedy County Junior Livestock Show, TX, the 2011 Supreme Champion Jackpot Pig at the California Pork Spectacular, the 2011 Reserve Champion at the Zapata County, TX, the 2011 Reserve Champion Gilt at the Montgomery County, IN, the 2011 2nd Place Heavy Barrow at the Houston Livestock Show, and the 2011 $7,900 Second High Selling Gilt at the Indiana State Fair Open Show.

The maternal sire of About Time is Bullet Proof, the $41,000 Champion Yorkshire Boar at the 2008 World Pork Expo. Bullet Proof has sired numerous winners including the 2009 Indiana State Fair Champion Yorkshire Gilt and 4th Overall 4-H, the 2009 World Pork Expo Jr. Show Reserve Champion Gilt, 2009 Summer Type Conference Champion Yorkshire Gilt, the Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2009 World Pork Expo, and the 2009 Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt and 5th Overall at the NJSS. Bullet Proof was the 2009 World Pork Expo and Summer Type Conference Premier Sire. If you have noticed in the Yorkshire breed, the upcoming sires and pedigrees have Bulletproof on the maternal side.

We are excited about our pigs out of About Time, since our Ice Age 8-7 pigs are becoming our top York females within our herd.

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