Appaloosa Larry

(Dynamic X Outlier)

Bred By: Harrell Family Farm
Housed At: Harrell Family Farm

Appaloosa Larry is the last of the dynamic bloodlines and he was kept to continue to produce the Harrell Appaloosa Blues on our farm.  This guy is very stout with a monster top and rump.  Larry is big and bold in his rib shape and naturally fitted.  In addition, he is square, structurally correct and sound in motion.  The Blue Chip and Dynamic lines didn’t become as popular as the boar studs hoped because of the feet and legs they produced.  When paired up with our long history of structurally correct sows, we was able to correct any prior feet and leg problems from those bloodlines and still keep the color pattern.   We will be using Appaloosa Larry heavy on our herd to continue to produce more Appaloosa Blue pigs.  His color pattern did come through on Blue and Black sows.  

The dam of Larry is Reba, who has become our top selling sow.  Her pigs are always our farms top sellers year after year.  We have another new exciting herd boar to add to the farm coming in the Spring of 2019.  

Appaloosa Larry is a full sib to the barrow and first two gilts pictured below and a 3/4 sib to the third gilt pictured.  For the past three sales, these have been our high selling pigs.  

Dynamic was one of my picks from the 2016 Crossbred Classic.  This boar is extremely thick and moderately made.  In addition, he stands on monster boar and extremely opened up underneath.  If I could change Dynamic, I would fix his front knees coming towards you.  

Dynamic is sired by Blue Chip whose pedigree is Skywire x No Fair x Up Gray’d.  Blue Chip sired the Reserve Grand Market Hog at the 2016 Cow Palace.  

Dynamics maternal sire is Young Gun whose pedigree is Living Legend x Untouchable.  Young Gun was the Grand Champion Boar at the 2014 Crossbred Classic and he beat many boars much older and more mature than he was.  Young Gun sired the $10,000 Crossbred Boar from the 2016 Southwest Type Conference, the Reserve Champion Division 2 Crossbred Gilt at the 2015 IN. State Fair.   

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