Boar Stud

Harrell Family Farm will be offering semen from our herd boars to the public.

  • Normal collection days are Monday and Thursday.  Shipping is sent out via UPS Next Day Air or Ground on Monday and Thursday.
  • To place an order either call, email or text Ryan at 260-417-8279,
  • AI Breeding Certificates are $30 each.
  • Special Rates for semen contracts are available.
  • All semen purchases will be pre-paid and paid via credit card unless prior credit has been established.
  • HFF now offers a customer loyalty program.  Any customer who purchased a gilt from us can breed their gilt to our boars for half priced semen and free shipping, if located within a reasonable distance.
  • Buy two doses and get the third dose for free!  We offer high quality boar semen with long lasting extender to last for 5-10 days. 


Appaloosa Larry


(Dynamic x Outlier x Stick it)

Crossbred Boar
Bred By: Harrell Family Farm

Stress Negative 

Price: $200 / dose  (Call or Text for Availability)

More About Appaloosa Larry

Appaloosa Larry is the last of the dynamic bloodlines and he was kept to continue to produce the Harrell Appaloosa Blues on our farm.  This guy is very stout with a monster top and rump.  Larry is big and bold in his rib shape and naturally fitted.  In addition, he is square, structurally correct and sound in motion.  The Blue Chip and Dynamic lines didn’t become as popular as the boar studs hoped because of the feet and legs they produced.  When paired up with our long history of structurally correct sows, we was able to correct any prior feet and leg problems from those bloodlines and still keep the color pattern.   We will be using Appaloosa Larry heavy on our herd to continue to produce more Appaloosa Blue pigs.  His color pattern did come through on Blue and Black sows.  

The dam of Larry is Reba, who has become our top selling sow.  Her pigs are always our farms top sellers year after year.  We have another new exciting herd boar to add to the farm coming in the Spring of 2019.  

Appaloosa Larry is a full sib to the barrow and first two gilts pictured below and a 3/4 sib to the third gilt pictured.  For the past three sales, these have been our high selling pigs.  





(T-Rex x Wheels R Turning son)

Crossbred Boar
Stress: Negative
Bred By: Dorrel Show Pigs 
Owned By: Harrell Family Farm

Price: $150 / dose
Contract Pricing Available: Ask for details

More About Predator

Predator was the winner of Class 1 at the 2018 Crossbred Classic. He was one of the youngest class of crossbred boars at the show.  T-rex is a (Sky Wire x Callin’ Dibs x Walk This Way).  

T-Rex is a boar that Dorrel Show Pigs purchased from Tracy Deckard at the 2017 Crossbred Classic for $3,500. The Callin’ Dibs x Walk This Way sow was purchased from Tres Amigos at the 2016 Crossbred Classic for $1,800. She was 2nd in class 8 that year.  T-rex has sired multiple winners his first season.  In 2018, T-Rex sired the Grand Champion barrow, the Champion extra light weight barrow, the Champion middle weight barrow, and the Reserve Grand gilt at that Franklin County fair. 

It turns out that T-Rex also came from a strong litter as his littermate was the Reserve Champion cross gilt at the 2017 Kentucky State Fair.

Predator continues to get better everyday as he matures.  I am confident this freaky fronted boar will do an excellent job on our farm.  


Take Notice

take-notice-flip take-notice-rear

(Crazy Bone x Net Worth)

Take Notice is 2013 Fall Classic Champion Yorkshire Boar that sold for $55,000 

Yorkshire Boar
Bred By: Chuck and Ben Olsen
Owned By: Harrell Family Farm
Previously Housed By: Crossroads Genetics and owned by Heimer, Beck and Robin Ridge.  

Stress Negative / DNA Banked

No Semen Available For Sale.  (Yes he is still alive and producing yorks on our farm).  His Gilts and Boar are available for sale off the farm.  

 We purchased Take Notice in the Crossroads retired boar sale. We have been keeping this boars females a secret within our herd. I personally feel Take Notice has created some of the best Yorkshires in the country within our herd.  Take Notice has been doing a great job on our herd.   He will make them sound and monster thick.  

Take notice was the $55,000 fall classic champion York boar from 2013. He has earned Premiere Sire Awards at both the Winter Type Conference and Indiana State Fair as well as Reserve Premiere Sire at the Southwest Type Conference. He sired the Grand Overall Barrow at the ’15 SE Regional, Res York Barrow at the ’15 NJSS, and Champion Yorkshire Barrow at the American Royal, 3rd Overall York Barrow at the WPX and Res Div 2 York Gilt at SE Regional to name a few.  Take Notice sired the 2015 Champion York Boar at the SWTC called Notice Me and Double Take previously at Crossroads.   

More About Take Notice [/button