Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our goal and that doesn’t come when we sell the pig. It comes when you have a successful show season, or when your boar produced winners or your gilt becomes a successful sow. Our goal is to be honest, ethical and share our integrity with our customers. We provide quality livestock that is healthy and NOT “juiced up” or “pumped up” with feed additives.

Our Farm Unique Philosophy:

• Provides videos of our livestock posted on our website and

• Showing all angles and views of the pigs by providing 2-3 photo views of each animal. We are not trying to hide anything and take pride in our quality of livestock.

• No photo enhancing.

• No gimmick fed additives or muscle enhancements fed to our livestock.

• Paylean is not fed to little pigs or breeding stock.

Our goal is customer satisfaction and making your next winner!