For Sale

Once again a special thanks to all of our 2017 buyers.  The pictures below are some of our high sellers in 2017.



Dec.-Feb. 2018 Expected Litters:  

Dam Service Sire Breed Due  
Rhonda (Hooligan x Heisman)    Gain Control    York   12-25-17
Roxy (Hooligan x Heisman)    Ground Control     York   12-27-17
Sid (Uproar x Second Chance)    Here I Am    Hamp   1-3-18
Ava (Take Notice x About Time)    Ground Control    York   1-8-18
Alice (Take Notice x About Time)    Max    York   1-8-18
Tamera (Slug Fest x Outlier)    Pocket Tee    Cross   1-8-18
Shirley (About Time x Mighty Mack 74-1)    Take Notice    York   1-10-18
Laverne (About Time x Mighty Mack 74-1)    Take Notice       York   1-11-18
Dottie (Horizon x Take Notice)    Platinum   Cross   1-11-18
Autumn (Take Notice x About Time)    Buzzer Beater    York   1-12-18
Ruby (Stick It x Strike It Rich)    Pit Boss    Cross   1-15-18
Reba (Outlier x Stick It)     Blue Chip    Cross   1-17-18
Miranda (Slug Fest x Outlier)    Red Alert    Cross   1-19-18
Monica (Outlier x Stick It)    Chained Dog    Cross   1-21-18
Star (Slug Fest x Outlier)    Border Patrol    Cross   1-21-18
Shazam (Super Monster Clone x Stick It)     Intuition     Cross   1-22-18
Agnes (Hill Jack x Work Horse)    Whiplash   Chester   1-22-18
Fancy (Outlier x Stick It)     Red Alert     Cross   1-23-18
Starla (Outlier x Gone Viral)    Big Vision    Cross    1-25-18
Hope (Here I Am x Class Act)    Take Notice    Cross   2-4-18 
Anna Belle (Take Notice x About Time)    Platinum    Cross   2-6-18