For Sale

Mark your calendar for Oct. 18th!  Our fall online sale will be Oct. 18th on  

We will be featuring some of our best litters from the summer including crossbreds, chesters, berks, and yorks.  Full sibs to this blue gilt are available from our summer litters.  

Other pigs are available for sale off of the farm.  Approximately an additional 100 head.  Pricing starts at $250.  

We also have an elite set of york gilts sired by:  Take Notice, Gain Control and Ground Control available for sale off of the sale.  Gilt are prices at $500, $750 and $1,000.  

Delivery options are available for our online sale.  For more information about our summer litters feel free to call or text.  Thanks Ryan  260-417-8279  



June-Aug. 2017 Expected Litters:  

Dam Service Sire Breed Due  
Allie (Take Notice x About Time)   Ground Control    York   6-17-17
Roxy (Hooligan x Heisman)   Ground Control     York   6-18-17
Rhonda (Hooligan x Heisman)    Take Notice    York   6-20-17
Ava (Take Notice x About Time)    Heisman    York   6-26-17
Anna Belle (Take Notice x About Time)    Heisman    York    6-29-17
Alice (Take Notice x About Time)    Gain Control    York   7-2-17
Autumn (Take Notice x About Time)    Take Notice    York   7-5-17
Shirley (About Time x Mighty Mack 74-1)    Take Notice    York  7-22-17
Abby (Lift Off x Venom)    Sasquatch    Berk  7-22-17
Tamera (Slug Fest x Outlier)     Take Notice   Cross   7-22-17
Ruby (Stick It x Strike It Rich)     Mogul    Cross  7-25-17 
Monique (Outlier x Stick It)     Hellion    Cross  7-25-17 
Monica (Outlier x Stick It)     Hellion    Cross   7-26-17
Stella (Slug Fest x Outlier)    Take Notice    Cross     7-27-17 
Star (Slug Fest x Outlier)    Take Notice    Cross   7-29-17
Laverne (About Time x Mighty Mack 74-1)    Take Notice    York   7-30-17
Shazam (Super Monster Clone x Stick It)    Dynamic     Cross   8-4-17
Agnes (Hill Jack x Work Horse)    First Take     Chester    8-4-17
Fancy (Outlier x Stick It)     Dynamic     Cross    8-5-17
Lucy (Take Notice x Ice Age 8-7)     Heisman     York   8-6-17
Reba (Outlier x Stick It)      Dynamic    Cross   8-6-17