Heisman 24-4

 Heisman 24-4 heisman rear 
(Trophy x Ice Age 8-7 x Mighty Mack 74-1)

Yorkshire Boar

Bred By: Harrell Family Farm
Owned By: Harrell Family Farm

Stress Negative / DNA Banked
Reg. Number: 565433004
Ear Notch: 24-4
Date of Birth: 8-3-14
Price: $150 / dose (Contract Pricing Available)

Heisman 24-4 is one of the thickest york boars we have raised. This mature photo was taken in his working clothes and the rump picture was taken in his younger days. He is massive in his chest floor and rib shape. This boar is naturally fed (no Paylean or Matrix) and he has been selected for his natural thickness, rib and growth. Heisman 24-4 is a maternal boar who is also massive in his top shape as well as his rump. This moderate framed boar is square on all four corners and sound in motion. We plan to use him heavy on our herd to put back in some older blood lines into our yorks and we feel he will match up well with our About Time daughters. Heisman’s 24-4 and Heisman 24-2’s littermate was the Grand Champion Market Hog at the 2014 Jefferson County Fair, TN.

We retained both littermate boars in this Heisman 24-4 (Maternal) and Heisman 24-2 (Terminal).  Simple put, an incredible set of moderate frame York boars with soundness and muscle (hard to find these days).

Heisman 24-4 has been making an incredible impression on our herd.  We have kept him a secret and retained about every gilt out of him.  In addition, he makes great crossbreds, york barrows and boars.  Heisman 24-4 will stamp out a massive chest, body and rib in his pigs.  They are very easy to feed because they have natural body and belly.  In addition, for a york boar he throws muscle, which is hard to find in most purebred yorks.  This is one of my favorite boars we have raised to date.  You will start to see more of his pigs being shown in 2017.

Trophy’s dam was the NJSA SW Regional Champion Yorkshire Gilt, and his granddam is a littermate to Tank.  His pedigree includes: Spud, Night Tripp x2, New Beginnings X2, Moonshine, Moonshine 17-4, Ice Age, Mighty Mack 74-1, One Ton, Mack, and One Up.

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Reference Sire Information

Trophy Trophy front

(Moonshine 17-4 X Day Break)
Previously Housed at Lean Value Sires

Trophy’s dam was the NJSA SW Regional Champion Yorkshire Gilt, and his granddam is a littermate to Tank.

The sire of Trophy is Moonshine 17-4.  Moonshine 17-4 sired several champions including the Champion overall male weanling 2011 Fall Classic (Makers Mark), $37,000 top selling weanling 2012 Fall Classic (Shoot the Moon), Reserve Grand Champion at Wisconsin State Fair and Reserve Champion York Barrow 2012 Wisconsin State Fair.  Moonshine 17-4 has put several boars in boar studs including: Makers Mark, Shine On, Shoot the Moon and Daddy Says the Top Selling York Boar from the 2012 Indiana State Fair.  The sons of Moonshine 17-4 are breeding on champions including the 2014 Reserve Champion York Gilt, the Reserve Grand Champion Barrow at the 2014 SE Regional, the grand Champion Gilt at the 2014 Houston Stock Show, the Reserve Grand Champion Crossbred gilt at the 2014 WTC, the 2013 Fall Classic Grand Weanling Male and Champion York Male, the 2013 Champion York Gilt Weanling at the Fall Classic, the 2013 Reserve York Male Weanling at the Fall Classic, and the Grand Gilt Overall at the 2013 Texas State Fair. Also on the sire line of Trophy is Moonshine as well as Spud.  The maternal sire of Trophy is Night Tripp.

Day Break is the maternal sire of Trophy and is sired by Night Tripp.  Night Tripp was a boar bred by Grimm and sired Night Tripper as well as Bullet Proof.  The older bloodline made several high quality Yorkshire females back in the day.  Also on the maternal side is Grimm’s boar Cummins.

IceAgeIce Age 8-7

(Ice Age X Full Moon)
Previously Housed at Olsen Yorks

Ice Age 8-7  is a boar raised by Larry Moore.  Chuck Olsen purchased this boar to make his sows smaller framed and give them a bigger top.  Ice Age 8-7 is also bold sprung in his rib shape and is powerful in his design.  Ice Age 8-7 came from a strong litter.  Ice Age 8-7 was the Top Selling Reserve Champion Yorkshire  Weanling Male at Duncan and his littermate brother was the Champion and later became the Western Regional Champion Yorkshire Barrow.

The sire of Ice Age 8-7 is Ice Age a boar previously housed at Moyers and now is housed at Ottenwalters.  Ice Age’s pedigree was Mammoth x Full Dimenson.  Ice Age sired: the 2012 Reserve 4-H Market Hog at the California State Fair, the 2012 Supreme Grand Champion at the Redwood Acres Fair, CA, the 2012 Grand Champion – Porterville Fair, CA, the 2012 Grand Champion at the Chico Silver Dollar Fair, the 2012 Champion York & 3rd Overall at the Klebery-Kennedy County Junior Livestock Show, TX, the 2011 Supreme Champion Jackpot Pig at the California Pork Spectacular, the 2011 Reserve Champion at the Zapata County, TX, the 2011 Reserve Champion Gilt at the Montgomery County, IN, the 2011 2nd Place Heavy Barrow at the Houston Livestock Show, and the 2011 $7,900 Second High Selling Gilt at the Indiana State Fair Open Show.

Ice Age 8-7’s maternal sire is Full Moon, a boar from the 2009 Duncan show.  Full Moon was previously housed at Shipley Swine Genetics.  Full Moon has within his pedigree Stone Cold, Corner Stone, 4 Corners, Tug Boat, Tank, and Absolute Power.