(Here I Am x Class Act)
Hampshire Female
Bred By: Schipper Purebreds

Stress: Negative


Hope was the 2017 Allen County Indiana Champion Hampshire Gilt shown by Madison Harrell.  I selected this gilt from Schipper Purebreds.  Hope is very complete and sound for a Hampshire female.  I love her completeness and attractiveness she brings to the surface.  She is extremely good for a Hampshire female in my opinion and could easily have ran with the top crossbreds if she was a littler bigger in size at the show.  

Within her pedigree is some of the top Hampshires in the county.  Which includes: Outlaw, Trouble Maker, Revolution, Point Taken, Augusta, Home Grown, Real Serious, The Judge, Homemade 17-4, Homemade 45-1, Preacher, and Long Time Coming.   


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Here I Am

Bred By: Shaffer Gold Rush
Housed At: Shaffer Gold Rush

Here I Am is one the best and most exciting Hampshire Boars that Shaffers have put together in a long time! By far he is another one of the best Outlaw sons in a stud.  As you study him, he is wide chested, square topped, big hipped, deep sided, and extremely true in his design and make up. Here I Am is also a full sib to the High Points Hampshire Barrow on the Indiana Circuit last summer.

Here I am sired his first crop: the Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2017 Allen County Indiana County Fair, the Champion Hamp Ba. at the 2017 Jay County Fair, and the 4th Overall Hamp Gilt at the 2017 WPX.  

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Class Act


Bred By: George and Mike Watson 
Housed At:  Shaffer Gold Rush

Class Act was the 2013 Southwest Type Conference Champion Hampshire Boar.  

Class Act was a powerhouse of a boar. He was thick and impressive down his top, stout hipped, and drops into a deep rib. He was square in his lower skeleton, and tracked wide going away. Class Act added muscle shape and thickness. Coming from a great pedigree with Preacher on the bottom, who has been found in numerous popular Hampshire pedigrees.