(Hooligan x Heisman x About Time)
Yorkshire Female
Bred By: Harrell Family Farm

Stress: Negative

Due 12-27-17 to Ground Control

Roxy is the mating of our two herd boars.  She is a thick and massively designed female with a different pedigree as we try to split off our herd in different directions.  

Roxy gives us more extension than others within our herd.  Her first litter she had them all unassisted and is doing a great job milking. Roxy is square and extended in her front half of her body.  In addition, she is a heavier muscled york female compared to most within the industry.  

Roxy’s pedigree combines: Mighty One, Power On, Net Worth, Moonshine, Mighty Mack 74-1, About Time, Ice Age, Bullet Proof, Moonshine 17-4, Night Tripp, and Spud (several times).  


Bred By: Chuck and Ben Olsen
Previously Housed At: Harrell Family Farm

Hooligan was my pick of the Yorkshire boars from Chuck and Ben Olsen’s farm, when we arrived prior to the 2015 World Pork Expo. Ben and Chuck showed us a deep set of boars and gilts. In addition, they showed us their herd boars. To my surprise, I assumed they would be very high on their Bruno 273-8 boar but Chuck was more excited about the future of Power On 282-7. He stated Watson was using him fairly heavy on his herd.

We selected Hooligan because of his pedigree being an outcross on our herd. If you study the Olsen farm, you will notice his farm is made of a few influential sows within his herd. Hooligan’s sire is Power On 282-7 and the dam of Power On 282-7 (Brenda 77-9) is a littermate to the dam of Bruno 273-8 as well as Take Notice (Brenda 77-8). These two sows have been very influential for the Olsen herd.

The dam of Hooligan (Brenda 84-2) has produced a total of $33,350 for the Olsen farm. Hooligan’s dam has produced $7,750, $7,000, $5250, $4,500, $4,350, $2,500 and $2,000. Hooligan’s littermate sister sold for $7,000 to the Lacy Family in Texas. Chuck and Ben currently has 3 daughters out of Brenda 84-2 and has kept a total of 6, thus far.  Some of the daughters kept have become some of Olsen’s top sows.   Brenda 84-2 has produced 6 litters averaging 14 pigs born per litter.

Hooligan’s sire is Power On 282-7 who sired: the Grand Champion Gilt & Champion Yorkshire at the 2016 TX State Fair, the Champion Yorkshire Barrow at the 2016 IL State Fair, the Grand Champion Gilt & Champion Yorkshire at the 2016 NJSS, the 4th Overall Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 NJSS, the 4th Overall Div 2 Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 NJSS, the 4th Overall Div 1 Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 NJSS, the Reserve Bred and Owned Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 NJSS, the Reserve Grand Market Hog and Champion Yorkshire at the 2016 Sioux Falls, the Reserve Yorkshire Market Hog at the 2016 Sioux Falls, the Reserve Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 SWTC, the Grand Champion Yorkshire Gilt at the 2016 San Antonio Open Show, and the 5th Overall Yorkshire Gilt at the 2015 NJSS.

The maternal sire of Hooligan is Mighty One.  Mighty One is bred identical to Mighty Mack 74-1.  Mighty One and Mighty Mack 74-1 have littermate sisters as dams (Brenda 67-6 and Brenda 67-2 ). Mighty Mack 74-1 made a huge impact for Kevin Ricker, Thompson Brothers, Moyers and now for Kilmer Swine Farm.

Within Hooligan’s pedigree is: Power On 282-7, Power On 10-1, Power Drive, Final Drive, Final Move, Onslaught, On the Verge, Net Worth, Mighty One, Mighty Mack 58-5, Anchor, Tank, Mack Attack and One Up.

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(Trophy x Ice Age 8-7)

Bred By: Harrell Family Farm
Housed At:  Harrell Family Farm

Heisman 24-4 is one of the thickest york boars we have raised. This mature photo was taken in his working clothes and the rump picture was taken in his younger days. He is massive in his chest floor and rib shape. This boar is naturally fed (no Paylean or Matrix) and he has been selected for his natural thickness, rib and growth. Heisman 24-4 is a maternal boar who is also massive in his top shape as well as his rump. This moderate framed boar is square on all four corners and sound in motion. We plan to use him heavy on our herd to put back in some older blood lines into our yorks and we feel he will match up well with our About Time daughters. Heisman’s 24-4 and Heisman 24-2’s littermate was the Grand Champion Market Hog at the 2014 Jefferson County Fair, TN.

We retained both littermate boars in this Heisman 24-4 (Maternal) and Heisman 24-2 (Terminal).  Simple put, an incredible set of moderate frame York boars with soundness and muscle (hard to find these days).

Heisman 24-4 has been making an incredible impression on our herd.  We have kept him a secret and retained about every gilt out of him.  In addition, he makes great crossbreds, york barrows and boars.  Heisman 24-4 will stamp out a massive chest, body and rib in his pigs.  They are very easy to feed because they have natural body and belly.  In addition, for a york boar he throws muscle, which is hard to find in most purebred yorks.  This is one of my favorite boars we have raised to date.  You will start to see more of his pigs being shown in 2017.

Trophy’s dam was the NJSA SW Regional Champion Yorkshire Gilt, and his granddam is a littermate to Tank.  His pedigree includes: Spud, Night Tripp x2, New Beginnings X2, Moonshine, Moonshine 17-4, Ice Age, Mighty Mack 74-1, One Ton, Mack, and One Up.

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