(Uproar x Second Chance)
Hampshire Female
Bred By: Harrell Family Farm

Stress: Negative

Due 1-3-18 to Here I Am

Sid was the Champion Hamsphire Gilt at the 2017 Grant County Indiana Fair.  For those of you who ask what kind of a pedigree is that, I agree.  Digging deeper into her pedigree you realize what her true value really is.  Uproar is a Carry Out son.  Carry Out comes from Cain’s and is a Carry On and 20:20 bloodlines.  Second Chance is a Point Maker 72-7 son and has a Homeboy 100-3 dam’s sire.    

Within her pedigree is some of the top Hampshires in the county.  Which includes: Carry Out, Carry On, 20-20, Point Maker 72-7, Homeboy, Augusta, Colibob, Pivot Point, Thrift Shop, Unreal, Home Grown, Black Oak with the popular Mark Long Sow, Point Maker, Party Down, and He’s a Ten.  

Sid is a heavy muscled hamp that carry’s it well.  She is very square and sound for being a Hamp.  She is up on all of her pasterns and has an insane appetite.  She grew extremely well and was an easy feeder.  She is monster backed and massive in her rib shape.  To me, Sid is an old school hamp that can easily make the future style gilts and barrows for the breed.  

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Carry Out


Bred By: Jerry McLemore
Previously Housed At:  Cain’s

Most popular and High-selling Hampshire Boar 2015 NBS!

Looking for a Hampshire Boar that is busted apart, super good-looking, perfect on his feet and legs, has a barrel rib, and the ideal muscle? CARRY OUT is the man! As we watched CARRY OUT strut around the ring, we loved how flexible and athletic he was as well as that cocky, fancy look through his front end. CARRY OUT takes a long, reaching stride and moves flawlessly on his toes. He is square built, big legged, and has tremendous width and balance from front to rear. The pedigree of this guy is really cool and has Jerry McLemore’s best on the top and bottom side. We are excited to add this elite Hampshire boar to our phenomenal Hampshire line-up. This guy can also be used to make great crosses! Must use!!!!

The sire of Carry Out is Carry On.  Carry On has sired: the 4th Overall Hamp Barrow at the 2016 NJSS, the Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2016 San Antonio Stock Show, The Reserve Champion Hamp at the 2016 ISJS Point Circuit, the 5th Overall Gilt and Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2016 NJSS, the Reserve Hamp Gilt at the 2016 NJSS, the Reserve Hamp Barrow at the 2016 National Western Stock Show, the Supreme Gilt at the 2016 Kansas State Fair Open Show and Champion Hamp at the Kansas State Fair Jr. Show, the Champion Hamp Barrow at the 2016 National Western Stock Show, the Reserve Hamp Gilt at the 2015 Oklahoma Youth Expo, the Champion Bred and Owned Hamp Barrow at the 2017 Wisc. State Fair, the Reserve Overall Market Hog at the 2017 Battle of the Bluegrass, The Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2015 Hendrick County Fair, Reserve Hamp Gilt at the 2016 Arizona Nationals, the Reserve Hamp Market Hog at the 2014 American Royal, and the 5th Overall Barrow and Champion Hamp barrow at the 2017 UW Block and Bridle Show.  

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Point Maker 72-7

Bred By: HI Point Genetics
Previously Housed At: Hi Point Genetics

Point Maker 72-7 was crazy boned, elevated at his blade, high and level thru his hip and where he excels his sire is in his rump and hind leg. PM 72-7 was very secure in his hock placement with the ideal angle and set, down on a bigger foot with extra spread to his dewclaw and toes. What makes him even more unique than his sire is that he has that smoother stride off his rear too but enjoys even more muscle shape and thickness thru is rump! 

PM 72-7 sired: the Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2014 NJSA Southwest Regional, the Champion Hamp Gilt at the 2015 Houston Livestock Show, the Reserve Champion Hamp Gilt and High Selling Purebred Gilt at the 2014 Tulsa State Fair, the Reserve Champion Hamp at the 2014 NAILE, and the Reserve Grand Champion Purebred 2014 Oklahoma State Fair 

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